Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitation Cards For Perfect Bridal Party Celebrations

Bridal showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming wedding day with the bride-to-be and to give her gifts to help get her new life started. A lingerie style bridal shower is becoming a very popular theme, and you can get the theme started right with lingerie bridal shower invitations.

You can say so much with these. They will not only keep the guest informed that this is a theme shower but it will also let them that the party is going to be a lot of fun and what type of gift to bring. Many online retailers offer personalized cards that are very cute and provide many great ideas when sending the invitations.

The design of the cards is perhaps one of the most important aspects. These can be very simple with pictures of different lingerie. Or they can be a bit more elaborate, in the actual shape of bra and panties or bustier. Another fun idea is to print them on paper shaped and designed as a garter belt. The details can be written in a circle around the invitations.

Shower invites can also be sent to invite guests to the party. Online retailers will also provide many beautiful printed cards. These are more like a postcard. The front can be the same stationery or they can also be in the shape of different lingerie. The back will provide the details of the party.

When preparing invitations, the verses, sayings and wordings are very important. The wordings should be kept very light and fun and stay within the theme. Keeping in mind that it will be a "women's only" event, the sayings can say something such as, "Daphne will be wed very soon, Let's shower her with gifts to take on her honeymoon." This type of wordings ideas will tell people what type of shower it's going to be.

The bride-to-be will be given gifts, and after the party it's essential that she send out thankyou cards. These can be on the same type of stationery, or they can be different. It's important to remember when sending out the thank you notes that the guest be thanked not only for their gift but also for coming to help celebrate with the bride-to-be. They should be sent out within two weeks of the shower.


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