Saturday, March 24, 2012

images love and i miss you

When your boyfriend breaks up with you and you still love him, it can be pretty confusing. For one thing, you will be getting all sorts of advice from friends and family. Of course they will be on your side and tell you to forget him, he wasn't good enough for you anyway. They all mean well and desperately want to help you. But you cannot forget him. So, you need these super effective tips to get him back in your life.

First of all you need to stop having any contact with him. If you need a reason for this, look at yourself. You are in no emotional shape to be trying to get your ex to talk. He is still angry, and that makes the two of you like two bombs set to explode. Your ex knows how upset you are and he is ready to hang up if you call. He won't read any emails or text messages either, so why bother?

You ex boyfriend still has the image of you when he broke up with you. You were crying and screaming that you cannot love without him. To get him back, you have to change that image. Start spending more time with your family and friends. Use their love and support to regain your confidence. You might also think of taking some classes to improve your job skills. Do not just sit around and mope. You need to realize that your ex is not your whole life.

By showing your ex boyfriend you can have a life without him, you are making him see what his life is like without you. Men fall in love from a distance. The longer he is without you, the better his thoughts of you will become. By not having any contact with him, you will be making him wonder if you are looking for someone else. Soon he will see that he still loves you and misses not being with you.

Starting to miss you and realizing he still loves you will probably take him about a month. By then, it should be time to change the last image he had of you. The one when you were so emotional at the time of the breakup. Get dressed in one of the outfits he always liked to see you wear. Style your hair the way he preferred and wear his favorite scent.

When you are looking like the woman he fell in love with, go out and 'accidentally' run into him. You know where he hangs out, so it shouldn't be too hard. When he sees you he will be stunned. Give him a big smile and act surprised to see him. You will have changed his image of you from teary eyed and desperate, to being desirable. He has been wanting the woman he fell in love with and here she is before him. Your ex boyfriend will never let you go again.


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